Front Cover of AUM025 Bee Lincoln - Foursome EP


Foursome EP
.date (excl.)
Bee Lincoln
Miro Pajic

[AUM025] Bee Lincoln – Foursome EP

Like marking an era and ramming a stake into the ground, Bee Lincoln starts the year 2020, or moreover finishes the past decade, with a handsome foursome 25th release of ‚as’. As a result of a grinded out time in between foggy dancefloors and studio niff, approaching for definition while keeping it versatile, the „Foursome EP“ shines fresher than ever and developed into an unexpected but spontaneously placed statement at the right time. At this point we’d like to shout out a big ‚Thank you! ‚ to everyone who supported us in any way, danced and laughed, debated and babbled, or even put some stones in our way, letting us stumble but made us learn and grow by fails. A special thanks to all concerned artists who make ‚as usual’ what it sounds and feels like. Thank you, Paradise-Distribution for backing us up as such a strong partner, and Miro Pajic for advicing at any time and evolving the label’s color of sound by professional mastering on such a high level. We can’t wait for another year of exciting new adventures, implicating the abandoned love for music.

Back for this release, we discover the „Foursome EP“ as a self-contained 4-track-package with a huge thirst for club floors and urge to move. All tunes having creaky basslines in diverse forms as a mandatory element. A crispy drive accompanies the dirty and wild attitude. „Wolfsbite“ is road-tested since long time and ready for escaping silence. „Zen Fire“ is a mad chicken but knows clearly which side of the bread is buttered – that mustardy basstard. A scientific approach comes along with „Atoms“ and proves ecological rocket power with an intergalactic groove. Every end has a beginning, so „Striving“ is the ignition spark of these tracks and closes the EP allegorically as an immortal matter of the ongoing evolution of music and everything.
So long – Arrivederci!