Miro Pajic

Foto von Miro Pajic


Growing up in Frankfurt, Miro Pajic has been influenced by Techno House music since 1991 in the legendary club Omen and its master, Sven Vaeth. Starting from 1993 he got sucked into the universe of Planet Core Productions, which were one of Frankfurt’s early adopters and creative heads of Techno and makers of the famous „Frankfurt Trax“ Series. After many productive and successful years focused on the harder side of electronic music, releasing dozens of vinyl productions with PCP during the nineties, he has returned to the origins of House and Techno music. Miro started targeting contemporary dance music whilst he settled down in Berlin by late 2006 to start all over from zero again. Miro’s mostly stripped down yet dense assemblies deliver pumping grooves, class A bass lines and catchy ideas. A profound passion for detail and character transform his work into brave and visionary audio adventures which can be heard regularly on his label Lazerslut and has been unveiled on labels such as Harthouse, Little Helpers, LTD.400, Siteholder and Items & Things. He’s also been remixing a variety of artists such as Pig & Dan, Tony Rohr, Skoozbot, Deepgroove, The Horrorist and Marc Houle. Confident about what he’s doing in todays flooded world of electronic music, Miro constantly communicates through his distinctive productions which have been giving him a reputation of an artist with character. This is regularly showcased in his gigs, which often transform into a journey that party goers from Germany, UK, Colombia, Argentina, Denmark, USA, Russia, Lithuania, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Peru, Poland, Serbia, The Netherlands, Greece or Hungary have witnessed.. He is being supported and played by numerous big players of the underground dance music scene and thus continues to do what he does best!