This is the As Usual Music Backstock – The musical works and ideas we’re living for.

Cover of the California EP by Aantigen [AUM052] [AUM052] AantiGen – California EP - It's time to boost the first AS USUAL MUSIC release by our all-time companion and good friend AANTIGEN. The man behind this alias is a free, open-minded music lover and moreover a musician with an unconven0onal and real artistic approach. Releases on labels like Bar25 Music, Acht or Möhre Rekorder marked his path so far.
Cover of Release AUM50 [AUM50] Various Artists – Number Fifty - Packed with some special cuts of electronic music, we celebrate release No. 50 with 12 exclusive tracks from old and new faces by Coco, Karaat, Edgar Peng, Felix Heermann, Miro Pajic, Didier dlb, Soul Data, Maximillion, Dario, Pepe Mateos ..
[AUM41] Bee Lincoln – Underground Boy EP - .tracks 01 Bee Lincoln – Underground Boy (Original Mix) 02 Bee Lincoln – Enjoy The Process (Original Mix) 03 Bee Lincoln – The Myst (Original Mix) .info „Underground Boy“ is a three-tracker that comes from the dedicated label pimp himself – Bee Lin-coln. Deep diggin’ in the track archive has spawn some distinctive tunes with … „[AUM41] Bee Lincoln – Underground Boy EP“ weiterlesen
Cover of release no. 40 [AUM40] Dario, Arel & Schaefer – Our Space EP - .tracks 01 Dario (DE), Arel & Schaefer – Our Space (Original Mix) 02 Dario (DE), Arel & Schaefer – Our Space (Daniel Meister Remix) 03 Dario (DE), Arel & Schaefer – Sacred Ground (Original Mix) .info Unexpectedly intense and joyful festival actuvities made us move this summer release to the end of the season. But … „[AUM40] Dario, Arel & Schaefer – Our Space EP“ weiterlesen
Front Cover of AUM025 Bee Lincoln - Foursome EP [AUM025] Bee Lincoln – Foursome EP - Like marking an era and ramming a stake into the ground, Bee Lincoln starts the year 2020, or moreover finishes the past decade, with a handsome foursome 25th release of ‚as usual.music’. As a result of a grinded out time in between foggy dancefloors and studio niff, approaching for definition while keeping it versatile, the … „[AUM025] Bee Lincoln – Foursome EP“ weiterlesen
Release Cover [AUM021] Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda EP incl. Siopis Remix - 01 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Original Mix) 02 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Siopis Remix) 03 Bee Lincoln – Back (Original Mix) 04 Bee Lincoln – Baser (Original Mix) Release Text: Time has come to present an EP straight from the ‚as usual.’-lab. Labelhead Bee Lincoln is back with a strong pack … „[AUM021] Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda EP incl. Siopis Remix“ weiterlesen