Underground Boy EP
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Bee Lincoln
Miro Pajic

[AUM41] Bee Lincoln – Underground Boy EP



„Underground Boy“ is a three-tracker that comes from the dedicated label pimp himself – Bee Lin-coln. Deep diggin’ in the track archive has spawn some distinctive tunes with its uniquely groovin’ characteristics which are rooted in the early years of ravin’ and transformed to contemporary club-by tightness. To keep up the raw and dirty vibes is an essential and more than a slogan for the cheeky title track. Not taking it too serious and always retaining the excitement of a boy (or girl) is the ethos hereby.

The second one „Enjoy The Process“ has this bassy groove which could sit in an endless loop. Time by time the evolution of the track leads to a saw-like hook and a rising tension for sweaty hours and fits perfectly to a well-warmed-up floor. Following up on easy digested rollin’ grooves, „The Myst“ flies on ever-shifting sequences from sweet to serious and works from dusk till dawn and back. By diving into it, a non-categorizable slipstream will take control.