[AUM50] Various Artists – Number Fifty

Cover of Release AUM50

Packed with some special cuts of electronic music, we celebrate release No. 50 with 12 exclusive tracks from old and new faces by Coco, Karaat, Edgar Peng, Felix Heermann, Miro Pajic, Didier dlb, Soul Data, Maximillion, Dario, Pepe Mateos ..

.mixtape #096 by Tudse

Mixtaoe 096 by Tudse

Tick Tock, so far the time to rave together again didn’t come yet. But no worries „as usual“ won’t stand still and will keep on supplying with fresh ear food. We are super happy to have a DJ-mix of our lovely friend Diana aka TUDSE, who waddles through Berlins clubs and bars primary with a … „.mixtape #096 by Tudse“ weiterlesen