[AUM021] Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda EP incl. Siopis Remix

01 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Original Mix)

02 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Siopis Remix)

03 Bee Lincoln – Back (Original Mix)

04 Bee Lincoln – Baser (Original Mix)

Release Text:

Time has come to present an EP straight from the ‚as usual.’-lab. Labelhead Bee Lincoln is back with a strong pack of versatile deeply movin’ and crisp tunes. While going deep into the matter, the output becomes more fruitful and effective. The „Like A Panda EP“ comes riddled with a remix by Siopis. Former known as Silversurfer, he has an endless list of groundbreaking releases in the last two decades on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Bpitch Control, Get Physical and Suruba X, just to name a few. Let’s dive into this extraordinary release.

Title track „Like A Panda“ is a special tune with an ever-evolving sequence that acts like a chameleon, or maybe like a panda. Get into this trip with a wide bassline and rollin’ percussions before the worm starts winding. An exceptional ride leads through modulated bleeps to nasty bloops and settles deep in the mind. Siopis strips back to the basics in his remix and brings off the essence of the rhythm by keeping it going neraly all the way. Adding some voice-shatterings in the background and a scenic sphere the sophisticated, dramatical part is introduced. Along the lines of ‚less is more’ this track is a timeless piece of music art.

„Back“ is a wild and and exciting floorshifter. Reduced on a smart rhythm and stuttering bass, it generates an incredible groove and quirks around with reversed and distorted snapshots. Last track „Baser“ queues up and sounds enormously crisp. The diversity of a shimmering sequence and a kinky acid line, get united like ying & yang and flow like a balanced bird-flight into the crowd.