[AUM50] Various Artists – Number Fifty


01 Karaat – Takeover (Original Mix)
02 Edgar Peng – Trilla (Original Mix)
03 Miro Pajic – Liquid Corpus (Original Mix)
04 Thomas Klipps – Second Fault (Original Mix)
05 Bee Lincoln – Grip (Original Mix)
06 Soul Data, Triptah – Clues (Original Mix)
07 Felix Heermann – Baam FM (Original Mix)
08 Maximillion – Capital Growth (Original Mix)
09 Didier dlb – Acid Cella (Original Mix)
10 Dario (DE) – Dance (Original Mix)
11 Pepe Mateos – Bajo Fondo (Original Mix)
12 Coco (DE) – Die Tuer (Original Mix)


Packed with some special cuts of electronic music, we celebrate release No. 50 with 12 exclusive
tracks from old and new faces. Feeling touched by the ar0sts, each one spends insights to their musical
heart and creative mind, providing an excep0onal flavor that represent the full spectrum of the label. The golden thread connects beautiful weirdness with a unique sense for humor in music, which is stuffed in highly danceable tunes.

KARAAT’s „Takeover“ is the perfect entry for an adventurous trip; a smooth bass interrupted by a
lovely monsterous sound leaves no doubt. EDGAR PENG unfolds his jewel called „Trilla“, high-class
subtleness with deep, arpy & vibrant sounds. Lazerslut MIRO PAJIC at his best by pairing rhythmic
porn; clean but dirty sounds with the affec0on for a freakin’ vibe. A warm welcome for THOMAS
KLIPPS and his brilliant work „Second Fault“ with its pa0ent build-up awai0ng peaky rave moments!
Label head BEE LINCOLN lets out the bass giant „Grip“ and turns over for amazing ar0st friends like
SOUL DATA / TRIPTAH. „Clues“ is a raw and acid-/synth’ party animal, which shows how fluidly genres
can melt on this selection.
2nd label debut is FELIX HEERMANN, a creative rave and music mind! „Baam FM“ has been a napping
tune on his hard disk, but now this joyful piece with a touch of Stammheim Kassel sounds brings
pleasure to each after- & überhour. Lauter boy MAXIMILLION’s „Capital Growth“ is a solid dance floor
tune with abnormal fresh- & tightness! DIDIER DLB completes the Turmspringer duo and comes with
„Acid Cella“, a fat analogue sounding work straight outta’ his lab. South German youngster DARIO is
on for a „Dance“ and reaches it without compromises! Warm basses and melodic sounds in PEPE
MATEOS´ „Bajo Fondo” are not less than a fulfilled aesthetic experience. Last but not least COCO joins
the circle and releases his first official track „Die Tuer“, a genius musical work with crispy live recorded
sounds. Thereby it literally closes the door of the „NUMBER FIFTY” compilation.

Boarding completed.

[AUM40] Dario, Arel & Schaefer – Our Space EP



Unexpectedly intense and joyful festival actuvities made us move this summer release to the end of
the season. But it’s never too late for great music, which on top can finally be played in clubs again.
For our mini-jubilee release No. 40, the super-talented DARIO with first release experiences on labels
like Avotre, Nervous Rec. and Moonbootique, teams up with Berlin-Munich-based duo AREL &
SCHAEFER who put their mark on Deepalma, Milk & Sugar or Bar25 Music. Together this combo delivers
a delicious and floor-proofed EP. Accomplished with a remix by Hungarian DJ & producer DANIEL
MEISTER, this EP comes with fresh and brilliant grooves.
„Our Space“ has been road-tested over the summer in many festivals and we can promise: „Damn
yessss, this rocks“. The chord in the manner of classic house music comes on a crisp and 0ght rhythm,
which works already as a ‚standalone‘. So it’s an easy job for the hook to screw and wind into the
crowds mind, for calling this track a proper peak 0me tool with an extra portion fun. Daniel Meister
takes it on for a remix and strikes as usual with his high quality sound – warm and clear! He splits the
main part to reduced cuts and doesn’t lose any of the spirit from the original by keeping it much
more minimalistic. Impressing!
The second original „Sacred Ground“ follows up on tight grooves and convinces by an excellent deepness,
which is always high enough for breathing cooled-down summer air with a relaxed happiness.
Let’s have a dance!

[AUM021] Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda EP incl. Siopis Remix

01 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Original Mix)

02 Bee Lincoln – Like A Panda (Siopis Remix)

03 Bee Lincoln – Back (Original Mix)

04 Bee Lincoln – Baser (Original Mix)

Release Text:

Time has come to present an EP straight from the ‚as usual.’-lab. Labelhead Bee Lincoln is back with a strong pack of versatile deeply movin’ and crisp tunes. While going deep into the matter, the output becomes more fruitful and effective. The „Like A Panda EP“ comes riddled with a remix by Siopis. Former known as Silversurfer, he has an endless list of groundbreaking releases in the last two decades on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Bpitch Control, Get Physical and Suruba X, just to name a few. Let’s dive into this extraordinary release.

Title track „Like A Panda“ is a special tune with an ever-evolving sequence that acts like a chameleon, or maybe like a panda. Get into this trip with a wide bassline and rollin’ percussions before the worm starts winding. An exceptional ride leads through modulated bleeps to nasty bloops and settles deep in the mind. Siopis strips back to the basics in his remix and brings off the essence of the rhythm by keeping it going neraly all the way. Adding some voice-shatterings in the background and a scenic sphere the sophisticated, dramatical part is introduced. Along the lines of ‚less is more’ this track is a timeless piece of music art.

„Back“ is a wild and and exciting floorshifter. Reduced on a smart rhythm and stuttering bass, it generates an incredible groove and quirks around with reversed and distorted snapshots. Last track „Baser“ queues up and sounds enormously crisp. The diversity of a shimmering sequence and a kinky acid line, get united like ying & yang and flow like a balanced bird-flight into the crowd.