as 001

bee lincoln /// dip ep


1 Bee Lincoln – Dip It (Original Mix)
2 Bee Lincoln – Dip It (Gabriel Ferreira Remix)
3 Bee Lincoln – Is This (Hypnobass Version)
4 Bee Lincoln – Is This (Bang Version)
5 Bee Lincoln – Is This (Samuel Fach Remix)
6 Bee Lincoln – Slotta (Original Mix)

Chapter one and title track “Dip It” is entirely this kind of stuff – but that kind of stuff with a warmly clean and washed-out bassline, accurately placed and spaced. Topped by a dirty smoky voice speaking straight into your face, chased by the analogue sounding acidbass-synth, which wiggles it like a chameleon from tender to sloped into bleepy to dickhead.

Predestined for the remix pole is brother’ GABRIEL FERREIRA from Buenos Aires, who runs the Ninefont Music label and released on labels like Magda’s Items & Things. With 200% full-on, we still can’t get any breath after getting bumped and electrically discofunked with a reduced killer tube synthline – kind of a futuristic development of speedgarage sounds (…for those who remember?).

“Is This” is a shizo-thing. The track is like binovular twins, something of a dwarf and a colossus – like yin & yang. They can’t be without each other, so we decided to release both: the HYPNOBASS version and the BANG version. Understand? Doesn’t matter… there are even bigger mysteries in this world, so let’s first take a weird ride on low frequencies and freakin’ effects, which will hypnotize you into a shakin’ body. The big brother “bang” lumbers the floors with his tight moving bass-stabs, rollin’ percussions and FX-scoops till peng peng.

Remixer SAMUEL FACH, who is well-known for releases on Tonkind Rec., Flicker Rhythm or Symbiont-Music, tidies up and inserts clear + reduced structures, topped by smashing deep sawtooth and subtle elements. A long suspenseful build-up turns sneakily into an extremely danceable masterpiece.

“Slotta” is title number six. Take this as a well-functional patchwork track. Through sub-filled grooves and beatfully stuttering drum variations, the flow easily leads with a tender voicecut and drifts inconspicuously to windy spheres. On and on it surprises with lovely switches and takes the audience on a great mind trip.

Format:            Digital
Catalog-No.:    AUM001
Release Date:  10. Februar 2017
Mastering:        Miro Pajic
Distribution:    Paradise-Distribution